Creative Technologist, Educator, Artist

My interests span a variety of topics, including Memory, Identity, Legacy, Story-Keeping, Maps, Old Technology, New Technology, Religious Imagery, and Memorials.

In my creative process, I enjoy delving into research on topics that captivate my interest. This research is the foundation for my artistic expressions, whether realized through stories or visual works of art. My explorations can encompass various subjects, ideas, and technologies. I am multidisciplinary by nature.

As an adjunct professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), I have the privilege of advising and mentoring graduate students through the Thesis Seminar course. This role as an educator is a constant source of inspiration for me. I am continually motivated by my students' enthusiasm and the fresh perspectives they bring to the mingling of Art & Technology.

Lately, I've been captivated by the capabilities of Mixed Reality, with a focus on the geospatial features that Augmented Reality (AR) offers. This technology is compelling, enriching our perception of reality rather than replacing it entirely.

Throughout my artistic journey, I actively incorporate found objects in the digital and physical realms, weaving together fragments from real-life experiences and the realm of imagination. These fragments exist in a space I refer to as 'half-realisms,' where the boundaries between our perceptions and emotions become intertwined. This exploration naturally led me to delve further into Augmented Reality, allowing me to expand the frontiers of my artistic expression continually.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio site. I sincerely hope you find inspiration within the projects shared here.